Social Media Sentiment Analysis
Make no mistake, social media is a world of its own. As of July 2020, 3.96 billion users are active across the social media networks and messenger services. That’s more than half the world’s total population of 7.8 billion. Perhaps unsurprisingly, users share billions of content pieces (in the form of tweets, photos, comments, status
Mailroom Automation
Around 75 percent of business processes are initiated by incoming content. Sorting the incoming content manually is highly time consuming and tedious. The manual mailroom system can be switched with an upgrade- The Digital Mailroom. In a Digital Mailroom automated system, text from the incoming content to a business/ organisation/firm undergoes text extraction, text classification
Sentiment Analysis
By March 2020, Covid-19 pandemic left the world stunned and the economy decelerated as governments were compelled to announce lockdowns to curtail the spread of the pandemic. A few months later, realizing the need to balance between health and economy, businesses are reopening with preventive and precautionary measures to resume production without risking employee health.
Efficient Mediclaim Process Management Through Text Analytics
What Is Mediclaim Processing? A Mediclaim is a medical insurance which is a form of health cover that can reduce a person`s risk through a monetary form. The expenses such as the hospitalization charges, medicines, treatment fee, etc during the ailment can be reimbursed or deducted from tax payments through a Mediclaim policy. Mediclaim processing
Customer Review Analytics
‘Customer is king’ is an old adage that every business recognizes. Those who manage to truly satisfy their customers have an undeniable competitive advantage and genuine customer loyalty. These days, social media has empowered customers further by providing them with platforms to express their views and influence the purchasing habits of their friends and social
How OCR is Revolutionizing Business Processes
The revolution is real. Long queues at railway ticket counters are a matter of the past. Airport check-ins are easier and faster, too, under normal circumstances. Few people now queue up outside cinema theaters to get tickets to watch movies starring their favorite movie stars. The fundamental reason: Optical Character Recognition (OCR).      
There is much excitement around data today because of the potential it holds in unlocking new opportunities for businesses. Progressive organizations are using digital transformation and data analytics as key tools to drive strategic decision-making. Take the retail industry for example. Data analytics powers almost everything from operational efficiency, product lifecycle management, and inventory management
Your Enterprise MUST have a Text Analytics Strategy. The time is NOW. Here’s a 5-step guide to designing your firm’s Text Analytics Strategy. Most progressive enterprises around the world – startups, growth companies and large corporations – certainly have a data analytics strategy. But, most of this revolves around big data models designed around quantitative