Text Extraction

Don’t let the text elude you


Does Off-the-shelf text analytics accelerator fail to extract the information that is needed for your growth?

teX.ai TM’s powerful customizable preprocessor engine identifies and extracts objects of your interest in the nooks and crannies of your organization’s mails, text messages, tables, website, social media, archives or any documents of your choice.

Text Classification & Summarization

Add context to your text


When words by themselves have no meanings, how does your business teams make sense of the extracted text?

teX.ai TM ‘s intelligent customizable linguistic application identifies text genre, groups similar content and creates concise summaries, so that your business teams can obtain the right context from the right text.


Text Analytics

Convert text to topline growth


Does the insights for making business decisions still elude you?

The easy-to-use text analytics accelerator extracts the essence of your text and simplifies the decision making process.

Now identify opportunities to serve your customers better with teX.ai TM. It’s ‘Advantage Text’!

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