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Driving Automation And Efficiency In Loan Processing Using Text Analytics

August 28, 2020

The text analytics tool can process documents like PAN Card, Bank Statements, Passport, Voter ID, Aadhar, CIBIL score report etc. and extract information relevant to credit worthiness assessment in real-time.


Is there anything that Artificial Intelligence cannot do to tame data?

July 9, 2020

Data – dubbed as the new oil – demands tremendous attention in ways of collecting, collating, maintaining, and analyzing.


‘’ Says Big Data May Give A Big Boost To E-Commerce, Healthcare, And Banking

June 2020

This seems to be really concerning, and if businesses are on their way to flourishing by analysing only 20% of their data, then a lot can be made out of the remaining 80%. Also, out of this, around 50% of the unstructured data is text.


Top 25 Machine Learning Startups To Watch In 2020 by Forbes

April 26, 2020

There are 9,216 startups and companies listed in Crunchbase today who are relying on machine learning for their main and ancillary applications, products, and services, a 6% increase from 2019’s 8,705 startups & companies.


Ram Sukumar Of Indium Software Unpacks Why Text Analytics Is A Big Opportunity

April 2020

One of the key aspects of digital transformation is digitization of legacy documents and analytics on the text content. uses lot of deep learning methods and algorithms

April 2020

Indium Software has been around for 20 years, and its growth has accelerated in the last five years, especially after it acquired Noah Data in 2018, which expedited the growth of its digital business.


Listed amongst the Best Text Analysis Software's by G2

April 2020

Text analysis software, also called text analytics or text mining software, helps users gain insights from both structured and unstructured text data using natural language processing (NLP).


Indium Software Launches '' - an Ai Based Text Analytics Product

August 27, 2019

Indium Software, a niche technology solutions company, officially launches its flagship product ‘’ — an Ai based Text Analytics suite of solutions to offer impeccable data scraping, validation, classification, summarization, clustering, topic modeling and a lot more.