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Text Extraction

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Extract structured and unstructured text, and convert it into a predefined format. Load your document in any of the formats – be it a pdf, doc or image. Choose from the many ML/DL/Scraping extraction methods. Export to CSV, JSON and many more formats.

In a Nutshell

Automating text extraction from PDFs, images and websites to structure the unstructured data.

Functions (Use Cases)

Use case-1

Extract tabular and peripheral data from PDFs

Use case box 2

Extract alternative data from websites and APIs

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Features Box 1

No manual template designing needed. Deep Learning methods detect the tabular areas and OCR them as tabular data. Sequential text analytics in NLP detect the entities (batch number, issue date etc.) across document irrespective of their position

Features Box 2

Customize the extracted output to a XLSX, CSV, JSON, XML file or write to a database

Features Box 3

Support a variety of languages, including English, Thai, Japanese, Arabic, Mandarin, German, and all Latin languages

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Tech Stack

Text analytics using Python libraries are used for extraction and structuring.


Library Used: Tabula, Camelot, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytesseract


Library Used: OpenCV, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytesseract


Library Used: BeautifulSoup, Scrapy, Selenium

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