About 80 percent of organizational data is unstructured comprising text (from emails, copy, chat responses, social media posts, product reviews), pictures, videos and more. Automating the transformation of unstructured data to structured data would reduce the time frame to generate insights which help in decision-making.

Enter teX.ai, an AI-powered automated text analytics tool for text extraction, classification and summarization of structured and unstructured data. Using teX.ai, any form of data from any type of document can be extracted, classified and analyzed without manual intervention. The automated workflow helps process high scale of data within a short time frame, while enabling businesses to streamline their processes.


Multi Format Documents

teX.ai can extract data from all types of documents (scanned/ printed), websites, IoT devices, images and videos. It can extract both tabular and peripheral (header) data.

Pre – Processing

Pre-processing is a technique that enhances the quality of images and scanned documents using different image processing algorithms.


teX.ai comes with the options of being deployed on cloud, on premise and also as a hybrid model. Businesses can deploy teX.ai less than three weeks to automate their processes.


teX.ai is highly secure. Being ISO compliant, it also adheres to the best industry practises such as being GDPR and OWASP compliant. Additionally, all data is encrypted and maintained on the client’s server.

Analytics & Dashboards

teX.ai`s customizable dashboards & parameters can view and manage processed documents of customers using our interactive dashboard, which helps in monitoring processes and improving process efficiency by mitigating nuances.


Identifying the language is the initial step in text analytics.
teX.ai supports a multitude of languages including English, all Latin languages, Japanese, Mandarin, Thai, Arabic and more.

Document & Classification

teX.ai can automatically identify, classify and segregate a particular document from a set of documents scanned together, helping remove irrelevant pages or documents.


teX.ai provides businesses with the tailor-made option to fulfil a myriad business needs which can be easily customized to meet a specific requirement. Aspects such as UI, filters, parameters and output formats can be customized.


Validate your text extracted by comparing with the input file on screen.

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