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In a world where data leaks are commonplace, protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is a challenge for many organizations as they deal with ever-growing data volumes. TM’s text redaction solution, enables you to automatically identify and remove confidential information within any document while retaining its overall context.

If you have 1000’s of documents which need redaction of sensitive fields, TM is trained to redact these fields in all documents automatically, quickly and accurately and send it to a database of SFS. TM can handle medical records, tax and insurance forms, bank statements, legal documentation, FOIA forms, purchase orders and more to automatically redact personal information such as names, email IDs, zip codes, credit card numbers, postal addresses. This saves you time and effort while ensuring failproof security for you and your customers. TM enables you to comply with data privacy laws such as general data protection regulation (GDPR), health insurance portability and accountability act (HIPAA) and more. TM advantages

From detailed bank statements and electronic health records to large spreadsheets and more, TM can help you:


With consistent and automated redaction


Redact thousands of pages, images, video and audio files in a few clicks


Reduce review costs


Achieve 100% accuracy with no manual intervention

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Automated redaction TM automatically identifies PII, PCI, PHI and more as per the requirements and redacts it. No manual intervention is required to select fields to be redacted.

Minimal training required

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, TM can intuitively identify and redact PII from scanned documents, PDFs, image files and more.

On-prem, cloud or hybrid TM can redact documents stored on-prem, in the cloud or even in a hybrid environment.

Volume TM allows flexibility and scalability, which means it is capable of redacting any volume of documents while ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Pattern redaction TM enables you to identify and remove words and phrases that match named patterns in text such as bank account numbers, personal identification numbers, email addresses and so on.

Compliance TM adheres to data compliance laws such as GDPR, HIPPA and more in protecting sensitive information.
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