Churn Analytics Solutions

Churn-Prevention TM can quickly analyse customer`s data, reviews and buying behaviour that can help businesses understand pitfalls in the way they handled their customers. The best sort of investment to retain customers is to outsource or implement churn analytics solutions.


Dissatisfied customers do not always complain. They just leave or just discontinue your product/service. How will you analyse why they left if they hadn’t mentioned a reason?

Managing a large number of customer information, feedback and reviews can be complex and will take forever to collate. If businesses rely on traditional customer retention strategies, not much can be withheld. TM`s churn prevention capabilities TM can help you act according to your customer preferences by helping you understand customers by providing business insights that manual digging is not always effective with.

Improved ROI

By understanding the customer behaviour, suitable amendments in the product/service can be made thereby improving churn rate and faster ROI in the long run.

Identify pitfalls

Drawbacks in the business can be identified and rectified faster and easier with the help of churn analytics accelerator such as TM.

Churn Analysis

Customer details such as customer demographics, behaviour, etc that is stored can be analysed to bring out meaningful collaborated data about customers and their experiences.

Sentiment analysis

Knowing the sentiment of the customer can help in improvising on the products/services in a way that is most suitable by the consumer.

Reviews summarization TM can be implemented to generate insights on customer reviews through advanced NLP processes to enhance business decisions.

Customer experience management TM’s churn analytics solution help achieve overall churn prevention by managing customer experience. The entire customer details when handled in the right way, can enhance the business in terms of customer satisfaction, customer retention, customer relationship and brand loyalty.

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Multi-format TM can automatically extract, classify, and summarise unstructured data from various data sources and formats including pdf, html files, documents, excel, XML, websites, IoT data, images, videos, etc. Tabular and peripheral data can also be extracted by TM.



The deployment can be done on cloud, on-premise or on hybrid cloud. Flexible deployment model can help businesses choose where their data can be stored and analysed in accordance with their needs.


Personalization TM can be implemented as per your business’s needs. UI, filters, parameters and others can be customized as per your requirements. Local sentiment and global sentiments can be analysed, and insights can be drawn from the respective analysed data.


Multilingual TM can identify and analyse 10+ languages such as English, Arabic, Mandarin, all Latin languages, Chinese, Japanese, etc…

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