Going Paper-less: Digital Mailroom Automation

Around 75 percent of business processes are initiated by incoming content. Sorting the incoming content manually is highly time consuming and tedious. The manual mailroom system can be switched with an upgrade- The Digital Mailroom. In a Digital Mailroom automated system, text from the incoming content to a business/ organisation/firm undergoes text extraction, text classification and segregation to despatch the necessary content to the respective departments, employees, or branches.

The process of automating scanning, extracting, and entering data from emails, Fax, invoices, files, etc, that is segregated, classified, and distributed to various departments and branches of a business is termed as Digital Mailroom Automation.

How does it work?

A medium sized firm gets around 100,000 incoming content in form of emails, faxes, paper mails, etc, that need to be sent to respective destinations within the organization for further action.

The following are some of the possible incoming content to a business:

  • Emails
  • Fax
  • SMS
  • Web forms & Portals
  • Systems
  • Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Invoices
  • Paper mails
  • Social media messages
  • EDI, XML and Web Service calls

The data in the emails is unstructured in nature. The conversion of unstructured to structured data can be done using text analytics solutions.

Digital mailroom automation runs on NLP using advanced technologies such as deep learning, artificial intelligence, Robotic process automation, Smart Process Applications, and Machine learning.

As per recent statistics, 74% of businesses feel that their businesses improve marginally as a result of implementing a Digital mailroom system.

These incoming contents can be extracted, classified, and sent to the respective branches, departments or employees using the digital mailroom automation system.

Step-1: Digitalization of the incoming content into a single channel

Step-2: Visual categorization/ classification

Step-3: Content Extraction and classification

Step-4: Segregation and Validation

Step-5: direction to respective departments, branches, or employees.


Digital Mailroom Automation software perform complex activities within no time since the entire process is automated. Mentioned below are some of the functions or applications of digital mailroom systems:

  • Document imaging
  • Mail extraction
  • Mail sorting
  • Archiving
  • Content management
  • Document classification

Advantages of Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation has advantages that can ease business procedures in a simplified yet efficient way. The following are the key advantages of the mailroom automation system:

  1. Automated Process: the entire process of mailroom from collection of emails, segregation and routing to different departments is automated.
  2. Accelerates the Processes: Since the entire process of the mailroom is automated, it requires much lesser time than manual segregation and delivering. In fact, it is 4 times faster than manual segregation of emails.
  3. Least human intervention: The mailroom automation uses advanced analytics, Ai and machine learning technologies that make it completely free from human intervention. It is entirely a machine`s job.
  4. Easier Management: Monitoring and controlling the mailroom automation system is very handy since the whole process runs as per the codes that have already been generated using programming languages.
  5. Data Tracking: Tracking the location of the data can be made simple and any misplaced data can be tracked in no time through time.
  6. Centralized documents: The mailroom automation can be done organization wide which can centralize the document`s location thereby giving clarity of work and deliverables.
  7. Reduces costs: The cost of operation and infrastructure is minimum for mailroom automation systems. Minimum space is required to install a Digital Mailroom.
  8. Improves Efficiency: Since the time taken to complete tasks using digital mailrooms is lesser than a manual system, there is more productivity. Error free processes can take place due to no human intervention, thereby increasing the efficiency of the business.
  9. Customer Satisfaction: Customer experience can be good through in-time processing and timely completion using mailroom automation which in turn can result in satisfying the customers to a business.
  10. Eco-friendly: Digital mailroom eradicates the usage of paper during the process making the process environment friendly.

For Instance

A firm in the BFSI domain that receives thousands of emails, faxes, invoices, and other such incoming content with a human workforce of 200 employees in the manual mailroom can fasten its processes by installing the Digital mailroom. The following beneficial outcomes can be expected;

  1. The number of employees can be reduced by 80% thereby reducing the cost to the company.
  2. The entire mailroom process can be simplified and accelerated. The number of processes can be reduced to just 1/4th of the existing processes in manual systems, accelerating the entire process to be 4 times faster.
  3. Other overhead costs such as cost of paper, copy machines, electricity and other occupational expenditure can be saved by the firm.
  4. The response-time reduces by 60%, thereby increasing customer experience and satisfaction.
  5. There is a 99.9% lesser risk while using a Digital mailroom automation than a manual mailroom system.

Do you agree it’s time to implement? Inquire now for more insights.


Switching to Digital Mailroom Automation from manual mailroom systems can save a lot on the time spent on the task, operational costs, infrastructural costs, and space. The benefits of digital mailroom automation are supreme that it is essential for every business to install it for more productive and efficient business results.

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