Digital Mailroom Automation Solution

Mailroom-Automation- TM can help business by providing Digital Mailroom services that can automate the entire process of handling and departing text data and other forms of data from Fax messages, SMS, Web forms & Portals, System data, Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Windows), Invoices, Paper mails, Social media platforms, EDI, XML and Web Service calls to the respective departments for further action.


Approximately 75% of businesses start their work from incoming mails and data. Manual Mailrooms may be highly complex and hectic, leading to loss of efficiency and quality of responses.

It is high time to invest in the digital transformation of mailrooms by switching to digital mailroom solution that automate the manual mailroom process. Digital mailroom has the ability to turn manual paper processes into productive, streamlined digital workflows.

Digital Mailroom Process Workflow

Below is the flow of processes to digital mailroom automation


Businesses receive mails and messages from various sources

incoming-data TM automatically extracts, scans, and captures the incoming data


The received unstructured data is converted into structured data.

Classify-the-data TM automatically classifies the data into categories as fixed by the user`s preference of key phrases/ sentiment/ logic/ clusters.


Identification of level of importance with respect to each message is done.


Archiving the data for future purposes.


Automatic summarization of the data and uploading it to the respective business lines for further action. TM’s Digital Mailroom Automation Capabilities/ Features

Extract and identify any type of data from any source TM can extract and identify various formats of data such as text, images, audio, video, tables, etc… from various sources like emails, fax, IoT devices, websites, social media platforms, etc…

Mail extraction, classification & sorting

The entire process is automated which can increase process efficiency by 80%


Centralized data storage for all data through the mailroom and automatic spam detection.

Content management

Provision of data warehouses to store data and use as and when needed.

Parallel processing

Extracting data and responding to the data happens at the same time.

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Why TM for Digital mailroom solutions? TM can enhance business processes through implementing digital mailroom systems that can prove to be beneficial in the following ways.


Automated text analytics (extraction, classification & summarization)


Reduce man-power by 80% that cuts down on infrastructure and cost to company.


Response time reduction by 40% that automatically increases customer experience


Reduces time to complete the process by 40%


Reduces number of processes to 1/4th of manual mailroom systems


99.9% lesser risk of errors in comparison to manual mailroom system


Drastic reduction in overhead costs

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