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NLP-Analytics TM, our NLP analytics solution, helps identify the grammatical relationship and semantics of the words in text, extract key phrases which may include people, locations, events and more. We also help bring out contextual relevance in text data.


Organizations today collect a ton of data. Most of that data is in unstructured format, comprising chat messages, social media comments, product reviews, customer support tickets and more. This represents a treasure trove of information that can provide the foundation to enhance customer satisfaction, reduce costs and increase revenue.

The key question for organizations is: how do you derive actionable insights from this unstructured data, which is predominantly made of text and includes human language?

Our AI/ML-powered text analytics accelerator, TM, processes human language to decode essential information from business documents. TM decouples the text extraction process from changes to the structure of the document. Also, any changes to the document structure, including the incorporation of data values within text, will not influence our text analytics engine’s ability to extract relevant data. TM is customizable and allows you to build your own set of entities or models tailored to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Main use cases of TM

Gather key details from text

With TM, you can uncover the meaning and contextual relevance of words in text, which may comprise of product reviews, news articles, social media content, documents and plenty more. For example, you can identify the terms that have been frequently mentioned on your social media feed to understand what your customers are happy or unhappy with.


Classify documents by topics TM can analyze sets of documents and text-based files and automatically sort them according to the defined terms or topics. This feature offers in-depth search and navigation and even allows you to personalize content for your customers. For example, websites with a vast collection of articles can leverage our NLP analytics accelerator to classify them by topics and auto-suggest for readers based on what they have previously read on the site.

Train models based on organizational data

Want to classify documents and messages most relevant to your business? TM can be trained by providing labels and a small set of samples to help group messages and topics (such as customer queries, product reviews and more) most relevant to you.


Apply NLP to generic and industry-specific text

Powered by AI and machine learning, TM can identify text-based data from different industries, including BFSI, retail, healthcare, life sciences, education, manufacturing, ecommerce and more. This means, TMcan even identify industry-specific abbreviations and industry-specific jargon without altering their meaning.

Customer analytics

Using TM, you can analyze not only product reviews and chat messages but also uncover key details from telephonic call transcriptions and online comments to discover customer experiences and sentiments. These insights could then be used to improve product features and services to enhance customer satisfaction.

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How we can help

Based on your NLP analytics requirements, our data science team will help with the initial configuration and in tuning the model. TM’s modules are readily usable and have helped extract information from tables, summarize and classify text data using a combination of AI, ML and text algorithms.


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