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Our AI/ML-powered text analytics accelerator, teX.ai TM, helps meet your OCR needs.

teX.ai TM helps you transform any serial number or code consisting of numbers and letters into a digital output using image processing and character extraction techniques.


Almost everything in the world of business is paperless. Organizations gain tremendous value from converting paper-based documents into searchable, editable digital files. It not only makes data easily accessible but improves operational efficiency, reduces costs and offers many other key benefits.

How teX.ai TM Works as OCR Accelerator

It has three working pillars: image pre-processing; character recognition; and the post-processing of the output.

1. Image Pre-Processing

teX.ai TM helps improve the quality of image in the pre-processing stage through techniques such as de-skew, brightness contrast and more. Whether you have a document with text not in a straight line or the quality of the image less than satisfactory, teX.ai TM puts everything right with a single click. A single file or a batch of files could be pre-processed by teX.ai TM.


2. Character Recognition

Take the example of character recognition in license plates. For recognizing the actual characters, you first need to understand “feature extraction”. Only a small set of features is selected if the input data is too large to be processed. It only selects the important ones and discards the redundant ones.

3. Post-Processing using teX.ai TM

Post-processing is an error correction technique used to achieve high accuracy. It facilitates the algorithm to fall back on a list of words allowed to occur in the scanned document. Other than identifying words, teX.ai TM can read numbers and codes.

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Use Cases

teX.ai TM offers endless possibilities and use cases since it can be combined with a broad range of technologies. Some of them are:

  • Scanning Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) in passports and IDs.
  • OCR for marketing campaigns as it helps customers redeem vouchers by scanning them in no time.
  • Scanning international bank account number (IBAN) using OCR accelerator.
  • Other uses include license plate scanning, driver’s license scanning, utility meter scanning, document scanning, vehicle identification number (VIN) scanning, barcode scanning, etc.
  • Can increase customer engagement. For instance, the check-in process within hotels or the registration process with banks and other businesses.
  • Easy integration with company websites and applications.
  • Simplifies cross-border transactions in the banking sector.

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