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Sentiment-Analysis-teX-ai TM leverages machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and deep neural networks to decipher the emotional tone in text. In this way, we help perform sentiment analysis with higher accuracy and more credibility.


It’s essential for businesses to understand their clients’ needs, opinions and satisfaction. For enterprise-level organizations, that may mean analyzing hundreds of thousands or even millions of comments and opinions about their products and services. To understand public opinion about your product or service, however, merely searching for “good” and “bad” in comments is not effective.

With TM, our sentiment analysis accelerator, you can:

Classify the tonality in text as positive, negative or neutral.

Understand different emotions such as happy, sad and angry, expressed in social media comments, customer reviews, surveys and other types of customer feedback

Perform coarse-grained and fine-grained analysis. The former enables you to understand sentiment on a document or a sentence level. With the latter, you are able to extract sentiment across parts of a sentence.

Our intelligent AI-powered sentiment analysis accelerator, TM handles data from disparate sources and is multilingual, enabling it to cut through the syntaxes of English, Thai, Arabic, Mandarin, Latin and more languages.

Sentiment Analysis Solution from TM TM offers accurate data labelling services and uses the latest language processing engine to decode sentiments and opinions of your customers. Using the right algorithms for sentiment analysis helps you in a lot of ways such as:


It helps you analyse the context better


The algorithm API categorizes sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral


Presents composite results in a simplified way that is easier to understand.


Helps in decision-making by offering complete sentiment of the string with a detailed analysis report.

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With TM’s sentiment analysis, you can achieve the following use cases:

Customer Service

Today, customer service cannot work without the support of technology.

With TM, gain insights into your customers’ emotional state in real-time, helping you proactively address their demands and needs and thus boost your brand image and public opinion.


Voice of Customer

Social media and brand monitoring are sources of immediate, unfiltered and key information, but TM enables you to track surveys and customer support interactions to gauge overall customer service. This way, you can get more of your customers to become ambassadors for your brand and improve customer retention.


Tweak a product feature or revisit your marketing campaign by understanding the thought process of your target audience with TM and show you are listening to your customers’ grievances.

You can do more, too: monitor social media activity and engagement, perform market research, perform competitive analysis, avert PR crisis, to name a few.


Market Research TM, our sentiment analysis solution, can power your market research efforts, whether you are exploring a new market, trying to forecast future trends or trying to address a market gap.

With TM’s ability to analyze product reviews, track social media activity of your competitors and more, you can uncover your customers’ most pressing needs and cater to them.


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Sentiment analysis helps leverage the large volumes of feedback data to understand customer requirements and their opinions about brands

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