Looking to Redact Confidential or Sensitive Information from a PDF Document? teX.ai ‘s Redaction can Help

In the information age, online and offline businesses thrive on data. Be it collected through physical or online forms, cookies and other such technologies, the information thus collected helps businesses gain insights that can help them improve services, customize communication, enhance product design and improve service delivery. While customers do benefit from such personalization, there is also growing concern about the privacy and security of the data thus collected. Not just customers, even employees and other stakeholder information needs to be protected from prying eyes to prevent its being misused.

This has led governments and international bodies to introduce stringent laws such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect data privacy and regulate the nature and manner in which information is collected, stored and used. Noncompliance can lead to fines and lawsuits, affecting revenues and brand reputation.

While the laws are applicable across industries, the two most sensitive industries where data protection becomes even more important are healthcare and BFSI due to the sensitive nature of the data they deal with. When sending documents, invoices and records – medical or financial – for further processing, they need to ensure that the personal data of the patients and customers is masked to protect the privacy of the individuals.

Healthcare is further governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), which requires sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the knowledge or consent of the patients.

Ensure Data Privacy with teX.ai ’s Redaction

teX.ai will enable redacting personal data with its latest redaction module. Businesses can hide entities such as name, address, social security number, amount paid and so on to protect the identity and ensure privacy.

While there are other redaction tools available, some of the advantages of teX.ai ’s Redaction include:

  • The redaction can be done very quickly, limited only by the complexity and the number of entities to be masked. Being integrated with the teX.ai text analytics software, it leverages the software’s text extraction capabilities for the purpose.
  • It can leverage teX.ai ’s capabilities to mask entities in image files too.
  • Being part of the teX.ai solution also enables users to leverage the solution for more than redaction and do text analytics for further processing.
  • teX.ai’s redaction tool is highly customizable. The tool offers basic entities that can be masked and also allows for customization based on the company’s needs. Users can add any number of entities that need to be hidden based on their individual requirements.
  • Loosely coupled integration enables users to call the APIs from anywhere and redact the required information.
  • Redaction happens at the API level and is AI-driven, requiring no manual intervention and hence no exposure of data to human eyes. All the documents are encrypted and not even stored anywhere unless required by the customer, thereby ensuring data security even during the redaction process.

Use Cases

The teX.ai’s redaction module is applicable across industries. Its use cases include:

  1. Masking entities from legal documents. The most common entities that are hidden include: Name, Address, Date, EIN, and Fees paid for law firms
  2. The second use case is the deployment of redaction module on clinical reports to mask Patient Name, E-mail, Phone Number, Doctor or any Clinician name, City
  3. Financial institutions can use teX.ai to hide customer name, account number with only the last four digits being visible, address, e-mail ID, names of minors, date of birth and other sensitive information

About teX.ai

teX.ai is a text analytics tool from Indium Software to generate structured data, metadata and insights from structured and unstructured data. It can enable extracting data, analyzing and summarizing text, as well as classifying content from documents, image, audio and video files. Redaction is the latest feature in teX.ai ’s ongoing effort to provide businesses with automated end-to-end services related to text and text analytics.

In addition to its solution capabilities, teX.ai also has a team of experts who can help understand customer needs and customize the tool to achieve the desired outcomes.

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