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Our Text Analytics accelerator helps produce structured data, metadata & insights by extracting data, analyzing and summarizing text, and classifying content. Our text analytics solutions can provide the best insights from your text data.

Text Extraction

Automating text extraction from PDFs, images and websites to structure the unstructured data.

How it Works?

Extract structured and unstructured text, and convert it into a predefined format. Load your document in any of the formats – be it a pdf, doc or image. Choose from the many ML/DL/Scraping extraction methods. Export to CSV, JSON and many more formats.


Text Summarization

Get a bite-sized summary of huge TL; DR documents (invoices, bank statements, investor reports, books, articles, journals, reviews, tweets, comments, legislation).

How it Works?

Our NLP stack app digests your text collection and builds the crux of the collection through topics, clusters and keywords. Load your text collection from the databases or folders, train them using our NLP models for patterns and unearth the insights as per the modules – Topic Models, Doc Clusters, Keyphrase Highlights, Name Entity Recognition (NER) Graphs.

Text Classification

Assign a category to each document (invoices, bank statements, investor reports, books, articles, journals, reviews, tweets, comments, legislation).

How it Works?

A multialgo-ML classification engine customized for parsing short text stories and detecting the category. Load your labelled training data, our engine learns using the ensemble ML models and chooses the best model to fit the best-suited label. Our team of data scientists help you in configuring the initial setup and retuning the models.

teX ai Redaction-about

Text Redaction

Protect your data by automatically redacting any form of sensitive data from any type of document (pdf/scanned & other formats) quickly and accurately.

How it Works?

teX.ai TM automatically redacts any document containing classified information from any sector. Personnel records, bank statements, medical records, tax forms, etc can be redacted. Information such as Name, email id, phone number, addresses, all sort of sensitive numeric content and other such confidentially sensitive data can be redacted. We help mask confidential information across industries and help adhere to worldwide regulatory compliances.

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